"Keith, you made a big impact on our son Conner's life as an athlete. Thank you!      

‚Äč                                                - Dr. L. Kreisse, Plano, TX

"Our son Sam had a blast playing for Coach Magee and the Colts.  He learned the game of football, and sportsmanship."

                                        -  Sam Uselton, Plano, TX

Our  parents say it best...

" You and the coaches take time to learn the boys and teach them skills... it isn't just about getting the win."       

                                       - R. Hernandez, Dallas, TX

"Our son Adonis was better prepared to play his games than ever before..."            

                                         - Dr. A. Arauzo, Plano, TX

"CoachMagee is without a doubt the best coach we have ever had, in any sport.       

                                                 - D.Tangary, Dallas, TX

"It doesn't get said enough, but you sir, are one great football coach!  Mason and I have loved being a part of the Colts tradition...."                  

                                              - Brad Dibble, Murphy, TX

"Coach Magee, you are fair with the kids, you know the game, and you know how to coach.  I am impressed!"

                                          -W. McCain, Plano, TX

"... thanks so much for all you have done with the Colts. It will surely be an experience that BA and our family will treasure for a lifetime."

                                     - B. Amend, Oklahoma City, OK