"Our son Sam had a blast playing for Coach Magee and the Colts.  He learned the game of football, and sportsmanship."

                                                                       Sam Uselton, Plano, TX

"Keith, you made a big impact on our son Conner's life as an athlete. Thank you!                                    Dr. L. Kreisse, Plano, TX

"CoachMagee is without a doubt the best coach we have ever had, in any sport.                                     7 D.Tangary, Dallas, TX

"Our son Adonis was better prepared to play his games than ever before..."                                             Dr. A. Arauzo, Plano, TX

"Coach Magee, you are fair with the kids, you know the game, and you know how to coach.  I am impressed!"

                                                                    Wilkes McCain, Plano, TX

You and the coaches take time to learn the boys and teach them skills... it isn't just about getting the win.       

                                                                 R. Hernandez, Dallas, TX

"... thanks so much for all you have done with the Colts. It will surely be an experience that BA and our family will treasure for a lifetime."

                                                     B. Amend, Oklahoma City, OK

Our current and past parents say it best...

"It doesn't get said enough, but you sir, are one great football coach!  Mason and I have loved being a part of the Colts tradition...."                                                  Brad Dibble, Murphy, TX