We love this game enough to work harder & longer than them!

Going on our 23 season, the Plano Colts Youth Football Team is one of the more established "Rec" Football Teams  in the Dallas Metroplex area. Founded and run by former college football players,  we pride ourselves in our approach to the game.


Our players learn sportsmanship and teamwork first, all while we teach the fundamentals of the game. And most important, we have fun while we do it, in a Christian environment.  The system must work, because we have only had 2 losing records in 23 seasons!

We win consistently with the boys we have, because we practice to become better players, not just focusing on the game score... we know with the right approach, hard work, and the right kind of positive attitude, our kids will beat the other kids more times than not!


You will find we focus on a positive approach.  We get loud, but we never belittle a child, argue with refs, or have drama with the league.  For us, it's all about the kids, and all about this great game!

7x7 Flag 2017